Summer skirt and missing my boys …

Well, a weekend of just me and my girl while the boys are at Wood Festival. I am missing them lots and it’s only been a day. My girl is busy revising chemistry and English Lit, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to post a picture of the skirt I made. It will take my mind off the quietness.

It was so simple to make and I even used French seams (I’ve impressed myself!). I incorporated the piping to match the buttons and of course added pockets because I just have to have pockets! The fabric makes me all nostalgic as it had been in my Mum’s fabric cupboard for years. It was meant to be a dress for me when I was about twelve, but I think I turned the offer down as I suddenly felt too old for it. Ironic that I will be wearing it in my forties! The buttons are also a hand me down. Last year for my birthday, Mum gave me some cards with her beautiful buttons and buckles sewn onto them, it was priceless to me, so many memories and lovely of my mum to do that for me.

Hopefully the sun will stay out enough this summer for me to wear my Lotta clogs as seen in the pic, they are so comfy and make me a good inch taller which isn’t a bad thing! I love them!

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