Bargains and blues …

As you have probably guessed by now, rather than buy new fabrics, I like to make things from fabrics that nobody wants anymore. I do occasionally fall and buy a remnant but try not to go down the buying off the roll route. I don’t really know why I do this, there’s the cost of course (it sort of takes away the enjoyment of making something when you know the fabric cost a lot and you may mess it up!) and the whole ‘green’ thing of recycling, (or is it upcycling?) but it is also very satisfying. I have said all this and suddenly have a picture in my mind of the rose red crepe that is sitting in my basket, but it was end of roll and quite cheap! Oh, and the black crepe from Cath Kidston that was also a bargain remnant. Oh dear, I won’t preach, but it is the best feeling to make something good from someones cast offs …

I found these recently, the stripes was £1.50 for 3 metres at the local charity shop and the flowery curtain was £3.99 at Oxfam (only one but enough for a skirt I think). All washed and ready to sew …

Boys back from Wood soon, can’t wait! I feel very blue without them here, worrying for my girl … hang on they’re back, hooray!!

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