Unfinished business …

The skirt wasn’t started, the book remains unfinished and I still haven’t completely sorted the holiday …

Not to worry, I did have a nice weekend. I sold some clothes on Ebay and made a bit of money for our ‘holiday fund’, I did a massive pile of ironing (because I couldn’t allow myself to start sewing until my bedroom had some order) then I got distracted and demolished a bar of chocolate while watching a nice film (Grow Your Own) with Jimmy on BBC iplayer while it poured with rain outside.

I did have a chance to look at the latest Molly Makes last night, I really like this magazine. I wish it were a little chunkier or a little cheaper, but it’s designed very well with nice photography and the fact it’s British is a bonus. So far I’m finding it quite inspiring, it’s so nice to see so many crafty people out there. My eldest teen also likes to look at it, a welcome break after revising which seems never ending and far too stressful. She is looking forward to getting creative again in about two weeks time when they are all over!

I found this in my box of vintage patterns …

I might go and make a start now …


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