Old bag …

Me Made June is over. I wouldn’t say I failed, but I did struggle. Actually, I’m really pleased I came across it on Zoe’s blog. I wore clothes that I truly believe would still be at the back of the wardrobe if it weren’t for the challenge. I really thought about what I was wearing and appreciated what I’d made, seeing things in a whole new light. Towards the end, I did wear my jacket a lot and then I made my ‘old bag‘ (see below) and that helped a whole heap! The great thing is, I am altering pieces that I made that weren’t quite right and now I will really take my time when I make something rather than rush into it (I’m too eager to finish sometimes). I also really enjoyed looking at how other sewers were getting on and discovered new inspiring blogs, so all in all, success, thank you Zoe!

I enjoyed making my bag from the barkcloth curtain I bought recently. It’s lined in yellow gingham with red vintage buttons on one side and green on the other plus a bit of pink ric rac for good measure!

Had a lovely weekend, a trip to Giffords Circus on Saturday with family and a walk around Brill Hill on Sunday. Giffords blows me away each year with their story telling (War and Peace this year), costumes, performers and music. I never liked the circus as a child, but this is different …

Go and see them if you can!

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