New bag …

Finally, my birthday present from Jimmy has arrived. It is lovely. It smells of brand new Startrite shoes, 1976 (that’s good), it is made in Britain and it is red – I know I’m not 5 anymore, but hey, I’m so happy!

The Guardian told thousands of people they should get one not that long ago –  but I have always wanted one and so I don’t care that lots of other people have one too. I keep looking at it and in a minute I’m going to put my purse and sunglasses in it for work tomorrow. Then, I will sit it by my bed so I can look at it before I go to sleep tonight … sad? moi?

The Cambridge Satchel Company came up trumps in the end (Jimmy had to chase them a bit), if you don’t mind waiting a month then I promise you won’t be disappointed … All is forgiven!



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2 responses to “New bag …

  1. The waiting is the hardest part, but definitely worth the wait! Your red is such a classic and beautiful colour! x
    – Peaches

  2. Thank you Peaches! Your satchel is lovely too! x

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