Wet weekends and missing Jimmy …

It’s pouring with rain and Jimmy is away for a long weekend with some friends, cycling in Belgium. I don’t really like it when he goes away, I miss him dreadfully which is really silly for a grown up. But, actually, it’s all ok, I feel quite content and I have the teens here. Youngest teen is a bit quiet and keeps saying he feels moody and doesn’t know why. I think it’s because he’ll very soon be 14, and that’s the way you feel at that age. He still allows me to hug him and he still tells me he loves me, so it’s not yet reached a point of revulsion on his part … thankfully!

I also think he feels disappointed that he’s not cycling with his dad. Today is the day that their journey from Lands End to John o Groats was due to start. Three weeks of father – son bonding and an awful lot of training before hand. It was all going to plan until his knee started to to hurt and we found out he has something called Osgood Schlatters which isn’t as bad as it sounds. They have postponed the adventure until next summer by which time we hope he’ll be mended and able to try again. They are doing this for Action Duchene (a charity close to our hearts) and this keeps any disappointment in perspective.

On another note, I am off to Oxford on the train in a minute to replenish the teens wardrobes. They are growing in all directions and have nothing to wear!

Then home to a healthy tea (after last nights guilt of Domino pizzas) and a good film. Tomorrow I plan to make a dress!

Have a lovely weekend x



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