Busy, busy …

Sorry, what a boring blogger I’ve turned out to be. The last couple of weeks have been a bit distracting, hectic end of term and last week of work for the summer. My poor Mum broke her foot and I took a three and a half hour train ride to go and see her and Dad at the beginning of the week. It was strange going ‘home’ for the first time in years and years on my own. To top it all, my parents cat died just two days before the broken foot saga, he was twenty and the most dignified, pretty cat ever.

My dressmaking has consequently been sort of frozen. I have almost finished a dress that I made from some navy crepe that Mum gave me ages ago. I will post a picture when it’s done but right now it’s hanging in the wardrobe with a few pins here and there! It will have to wait, what I need is a holiday, somewhere hot and sunny …

When I get back, Jimmy will be 42, my youngest will be 14 and my eldest just a day away from being 16, August is a busy month for us! Hopefully, my mum’s foot will be much better too!

Bye for now.



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