Result …

My eldest teen has just got her GCSE results and we are very proud of her. She worked blooming hard (much harder that I ever did) and deserves the grades she got (a whole bunch of A*s and As). I’m not showing off at all (honestly) but I just feel so happy for her.

The thing is, when she was eleven, we chose to send her to our local comprehensive school and the majority of people said we were mad. It’s a great school, with great teachers – people would see that if they gave it a chance but they won’t. We had friends who moved house to get their kids to another school, anything but let them go ‘there’. They didn’t seem to realise how insulting they were when they asked in a pitiful way “So, how is she getting on?”. We felt a bit cheesed off with them all if I’m honest. No, they don’t wear blazers, yes the buildings are a bit tatty, no, not everyone is well behaved, but not everyone is well behaved in life, that’s the way of the world.

I’m ranting … It’s just very satisfying that after everything, it looks like we did the right thing. She’s happy, so we’re happy.

I made her this card. A knotted (at the back) bit of machine embroidery and some patchwork pieces … So, I have done a little bit of sewing!


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