Here I am …

My goodness, I’m feeling guilty about not writing this blog. I feel like I can’t write anything of any interest at the moment. I’m not sewing or making anything much and since the summer holidays of relaxed, amazing calmness, it’s all back to normal (gosh, the summer was a long time ago). Normal is good, but I just feel so uninspired and tired all the time.

This past couple of months, I have found my bag of crochet that I started almost two years ago. I tried to get started again but have completely forgotten how to do it! I will have to do a youtube search…

I have ordered some lovely fabric from Get Cutie in Brighton for a little project and it is sitting in a bag waiting for the day I feel confident enough to cut into it.

And… I have looked at lots of lovely blogs and instead of feeling inspired I just feel a bit jealous! It’s all down to me I know. I have to pick myself up and stop feeling sorry for myself. Is this a mid life crisis?

But, I have started doing some exercise and that makes me feel better. I have started to look at my lovely teens and realise that it is a good thing that they no longer need my constant attention (I miss their ‘small’ days so, so much) and I do know I am extremely lucky with the life I have and should ‘snap out of it’ as my dad would say.

So, I will try and start writing this blog on a more regular basis and hopefully the creative streak will rise again.

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