Growing up …

It’s Saturday night and me and Jimmy are in on our own. Eldest teen is at work and youngest teen is out at a friends house, they’ll be home in a couple of hours but this is just strange. This afternoon we had the house to ourselves and didn’t know whether to be sad about it or excited. We ended up lying on the sofa, watching Singing in the Rain with a mug of tea and a box of violet creams (these are not the ones I ate but isn’t the box lovely)! I know, of all the things we could be doing, but honestly, it was just lovely spending time together at home.

We’ve been so busy lately, work is all consuming and our home is being neglected along with any creative projects I have in mind. I haven’t had the vacuum cleaner out for a few weeks and I’m having to learn that it’s not really that important. As long as I have clothes washed, happy children and food on the table, I have to relax about all the other stuff.

We spent all day yesterday on a photo shoot for our work Christmas card. We do it every year, our one and only bit of marketing, so we try to make it special. After eleven years though it’s quite hard to think of something that might make people laugh. We’ve made a rod for our own back, it’s now expected of us and even if we’re too busy, we have to make the effort. To make things more complicated, the last couple of years have involved an accompanying video too. The four of us work really closely in a small office and it’s good to break out of the routine and see each other dressing up, relaxing and laughing. We were all women (don’t ask) yesterday in these very high gold shoes, the boys loved it (I think all men relish in the excuse to dress like this really!).

So, although my teens are growing up, I’m relieved to say … I’m not (just yet anyway)!





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