The Sorbetto brought me back …

It’s been an age since I wrote on this blog. I have been utterly useless, a complete misery mops and for no good reason, not really anyway. I think that sometimes things (work, teenagers, the weather) just get a little overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost in it all, the last thing I felt like doing was to be creative and write about it.

But enough, because that silly phase is over and I will keep up this blog, but only when I have the inclination, because creativeness has to happen in it’s own good time.

So, hello Colette and thank you for inspiring me once again! I had read about these patterns on other blogs but their seed was sown in my brain when I spotted them in Liberty‘s. Only since my discovery (ages after everyone else, I’m a bit slow) of the free download of the Sorbetto top did I fall properly in love and a day off work meant I could play and make myself something for Spring.

And what a satisfyingly simple top to assemble it is, I shall be making lots more of these with varying twists I’m sure. I pretty much followed the instructions for this little number to the letter, although it may be a tiny bit too big for me it hangs well and looks quite retro. I made the back in two pieces to save fabric and left a gap at the top for a button fastening which looks nice. I also didn’t hem the bottom as I was worried my tummy might show and hadn’t realised that I might find it a bit short until after I’d cut the fabric (doh!), so I added bias binding here for maximum length. I also added some vintage green buttons and am thinking perhaps a little collar or some short sleeves next time.

Right, must turn off the iron and cook some tea for teens … x

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