Jubilee jug …

I love it when I see something and a) I think ‘ooh, that’s lovely’ and b) it’s for sale and I have the cash in my purse to pay for it!

I saw this jug sitting outside a new shop that sells lovely vintage things (heaven) in my town. As I passed it on the way to Tesco, I thought to myself, ‘if that’s still there when I come back past, I’ll buy it!’. It was still there, hooray (in Tesco’s I rushed impatiently through the checkout and gave myself stitch with the speed walking to get back)! It was £10 but I love it,  I’ll have it forever and can put lots of pretty flowers in it over the summer. Oh, and I bought the tin in M&S for a fiver, couldn’t resist it I’m afraid! You can’t see the full beauty of it in this pic, it has a 1950s style about it that I find very appealing. I have a 1977 jubilee tin which has some of my many buttons in and so once the biscuits are eaten, this will serve the same purpose!

We are having friends for the weekend and a jubilee theme it will be … now where’s my bunting?



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