Peony pondering …

I find it quite hard to start a new sewing project once I’ve vacuumed up the cotton threads of the last. I think that the longer I leave it, the more I start to question my ability. There’s also that small question of time … so many interruptions and demands (or am I just making excuses?!).

Any old how, I have spent far too long looking at the many lovely versions of the Colette Peony online (this gorgeous dress from Joanne for a start and Karen also made a beauty with very helpful hints) and have taken the bull by the horns, traced and cut out the pattern and made a toile of the bodice. Here is the first, not looking too good …

Oh dear …

I had to lean my paralytic dress form against the wall to take this as she (it) just keeps falling over. I adjusted the darts and cut the neck just a little lower for fear of strangulation, so it looked like this …

It’s looking better but whether I’ll be able to translate it to the finished dress is another matter! I’m wondering from this pic if there’s a problem with the fabric pulling a bit across that small chest? I may need to look at that again. Oh well, the back is looking good (if I say so myself!) …

I’m quite excited about this dress and it’s great to have had a chance to get stuck in. Once again the Colette instructions are super clear and a pleasure to play with.

On another note, it’s a long holiday for us here in the UK with the Queen’s Jubilee. Jimmy and I went for a walk today through a beautiful field of poppies and my gorgeous roses are coming out in the garden too (I picked a couple for the kitchen). No work or school all week hooray, I may get this dress finished after all.


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3 responses to “Peony pondering …

  1. Completely fabulous already. Round of applause. I stitched this up with confidence

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