Bum boils …

Sorry, that’s not a very nice title but I’m sulking.

I have just been sitting with my Peony dress all afternoon unpicking, re-sewing and having a jolly nice time. I took it up on the shoulders (I KNOW… BLOODY IDIOT!) in an effort to get rid of the saggy bit across the chest (I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t been quite so fussy) and now my darts are in completely the wrong position. I only realised this after I’d sewn the facing on. There was me thinking it would be a treat to try it on all finished! I think it can be rescued as I didn’t actually trim any fabric off, but what a pain in the bum! It is now in a heap on the floor, I can’t even look at it. Still, let’s face it, I will never do that again!

On a brighter note, I found these little gems today, all three for £4.50!

The previous owner has folded up the original cutting from Woman’s Realm and popped it in the envelope, a reminder of what she was aiming for, how great is that! I think the black and white 1970s Woman’s Weekly B564 is my favourite though, I love the illustrations. Who drew these? There must be a website out there somewhere.

Have a lovely weekend x


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