Birthdays and bugs …

I am in bed.

I have a funny bug that not only makes my throat hurt like hell and  makes getting up to visit the toilet feel like a treck to Timbuktu but also makes me look at sewing related web pages and spend money on sewing related products. It’s a nasty one.

I really shouldn’t be spending money, it was my birthday yesterday and I had lots of lovely gifts. Jimmy gave me a much hinted at and quite frankly desperately needed Lady Valet dress form, hooray! And the quite marvellous Colette Sewing Handbook which I have been wanting for an age and will keep me occupied for many moons. Eldest teen used her hard earned cash to buy me a lovely Cath Kidston bag filled with all a woman needs to re-ignite her forgotten love of illustration (it’s what I used to do), pens, pencils, sketch book etc, I was touched by her thoughtfulness and faith in my abilities. Youngest teen, a beautiful leather case for my iphone. As if that wasn’t enough, I also got vintage cups and saucers and chocolates galore, the Poliça album and some money too!

The photo above is completely unrelated to my birthday but is so lovely of Jimmy and eldest teen that I put it in because I’m in a soppy kind of mood!

In case you’re wondering, I bought myself two more Colette patterns (because I love them), some viscose to make ANOTHER sorbetto and there’s three metres of a rather fetching gingham (another Peony inspired by Handmade Jane) sitting in a basket waiting for me to hit the ‘Buy’ button too. I must finish this one first of course but … I’m excited! Cough, splutter, urgh, now I just need to get rid of this damn bug!


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2 responses to “Birthdays and bugs …

  1. Happy Birthday – and indulge yourself, hit that buy button, I’m sure it was medicinal benefits 😉 retail therapy at the very least.

  2. Thank you, I’ve taken your advice and hit the buy button with the full force of a woman who means business! Feeling better already! Have a lovely weekend

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