My space, part one …

Oh dear, my bedroom has been taken over by the ‘sewing area’. I knew it would happen, it was only a matter of time but really, when you are waking up covered in threads and there is a creased vintage pattern under the duvet (all be it a dodgy one), it is really is time to sort things out.

I need to get organised. I need a vintage haberdashery display cabinet (who doesn’t?). I need a sewing studio at the end of the garden (perhaps with a wood burning stove and a labrador to keep me company?). I need a huge table for pattern cutting and an endless supply of parma violets and Pukka tea. OK, the parma violets and pukka tea are do-able but I think I need to get a grip and make the best of my already lovely, messy space!

I have some lovely things, they just need tidying. In fact I think I will set a day aside this weekend to have a good old sort out … and maybe just go and sit at the end of the garden with a cup of Pukka to see if a gypsy caravan with electricity could be squeezed in!



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2 responses to “My space, part one …

  1. Oh dear, finding a pattern under the duvet is a bad sign! 🙂 Your space looks nice though! I too long for the day of having a dedicated sewing space. My husband is generally very forgiving of my sewing things taking over the living room, thankfully!

  2. Thank goodness for forgiving husbands!

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