Distraction technique …

My boy and Jimmy left on Saturday for a wonderful adventure (man and his boy), to cycle Lands End to John o’ Groats in 20 days. I know it’s a wonderful thing to do and I am so proud of them both (they are raising money for Action Duchenne)  … But I miss them so much!

I’m trying to keep busy and even though I know I have some good sewing projects to be getting on with, I am still in that ‘wallow in a little bit of self pity, eat sweets and watch Wallander’ kind of mood and can’t really get started on anything. Mind you, I have been cleaning and the cupboard under the kitchen sink is sparkling!

Oh well, the sewing will happen. In the meantime, I took my girl to the V&A yesterday. Excuse the terrible photos, my mind was on other things! Anyway, we floated around the fashion section in awe of the tiniest shoes and corsets and then met my brother and nieces to stock up on some love and hugs. We then all made our way to The National Gallery where we admired the Monets and drank afternoon tea. Just what we needed to distract us from the terrible rain in Cornwall and my boys pedalling through the floods!


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