Sew yourself a summer!

Wow! Look what I found in the charity shops yesterday …

It is all very exciting, not only does it say ‘easy make’ (I like to dream), but it is also the answer to all my wardrobe prayers, I am going to look so, so cool this summer (when it arrives)! Just look at that bikini, and the shirt dress! Oh but the excitement doesn’t stop there …

View 1 is calling out my name, will it make my legs look this long? And then there’s this …

Love it, love it, love it! And, just in case the summer never shows and I suddenly become an expert on my Janome, there’s a winter coat to be made …

I love the fact that this is from the ‘Look Slimmer Collection’!

What a satisfying and smug feeling these little treasures give me, I feel like I’ve been picked up off the floor and told to go and enjoy myself! I might struggle a bit sometimes, but I do love this sewing lark.

Off to the Welsh border this afternoon to meet up with Jimmy and my boy who are on day 7 of their adventure. We will part in the morning and I won’t see them again for another two weeks (gulp). By then Jimmy won’t recognise me in my new 8 piece outfits!

Have a lovely weekend x



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3 responses to “Sew yourself a summer!

  1. Oh! Exciting! I had a haul in charity shops yesterday too!

  2. Oh I really love that coat pattern. I might have to see if I can track it down…

  3. Wow! Hours of fun ahead of you! 🙂

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