Sweet Iris, we got there in the end …

Finally, I have finished my Iris (Bad Dobby) shorts! Not one to be beaten, I am very happy to be able to tick these off my imaginary ‘to do’ list. Turns out, my clever stitching to trap the ends of the threads in place was actually acting as a stay-stitch and when you’re easing a waistband on … well, it’s all worked out well in the end!

Obviously, I should be wearing these with bare legs and flip flops, but our summer has yet to emerge so this is how you’re going to see them …

What’s with all the creasing in the crotch? Oh.

Never mind, I did hem them with red binding …

And, added some vintage mis-matched red buttons (although I hadn’t planned to, hence the missing button holes) …

Phew, done! Another lovely pattern from Colette, I’m definitely going to make another pair, we just need a little sunshine please!


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4 responses to “Sweet Iris, we got there in the end …

  1. Really lovely, perfect for summer and great with tights 🙂

  2. I love that fabric, so glad it worked out in the end. Really cute pattern. Sometimes you just have to hang on and battle through and things turn out so much better than you think, don’t they? 🙂
    I need to make up my Thurlows although I REALLY have to make my daughter’s confirmation dress…

  3. Hooray! They look great with tights and red shoes! Mismatched buttons are a great touch too 🙂

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