Holidays and hauls …

Hello, I’m home!

With my boys safely home from their trip, we headed off to the furnace that is otherwise known as Turkey and spent a relaxing nine days lazing around, reading in tree houses, swimming, sleeping and drinking copious amounts of water. My Iris shorts were worn and admired by Jimmy (just to clarify, he didn’t wear them, just admired them on me, in case you were worried) and my sleeveless Sorbetto tops were the ideal hot weather must haves. Perfect.

Of course a holiday is actually quite exhausting what with all that travelling (this is how I justify my laziness) and so between loading the washing machine and popping to the shops for milk, I have been enjoying catching up with all the sewing blogs I love and some new ones too thanks to sewbusylizzy! It was good to be away from it all (we stayed off the beaten track) and to have a bit of a break from technology, but lovely to come home and be able to see what’s been going on in the sewing bloggists worlds.

Anyway, I thought you might like to see my latest haul …


This little bunch comes courtesy of my mother-in-law who admired this when I arrived in York the other week. She told me I could go through her sewing drawers and take what I wanted!! I know!! It’s a good job she mentioned this after I’d been reunited with my boys or I’m not sure who would have got my attention first, the drawer or them!? I tried not to seem too greedy, but she wasn’t holding me back and seemed very happy for me have anything that caught my eye!

Oh Lordy, just look at these buttons …


Zips, lace, bias binding and buttons, I’m in heaven!



And a bit of fabric too …


Some wool (I think that’s what it is) and a huge piece of striped jersey! I didn’t take a picture of the little pile of lining fabrics or the leather elbow patches but I’m sure you appreciate my excitement.

Oh, it’s good to be back!


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2 responses to “Holidays and hauls …

  1. Who ever said MILs don’t rock?
    I’m glad you had a fabulous holiday. I’m planning my 2013 UK trip and looking for a side trip… those tree houses look wonderful!!
    And I assume it was the naughty Dobby shorts that were admired?
    And thanks for the mention 🙂

    • The tree houses were in the gardens of Kibala Hotel in Cirale. Lovely laid back place, would like to go back one day! Yes it was the naughty Dobby shorts, can’t believe they’ve held together!

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