The long and short of it …

I have started a project, hooray! It’s the good old Simplicity 2444 and I have stopped dilly dallying and gone with the gingham (blogged about here). There. Said it. It must now be done.

I have cut out the fabric and am just about ready to start sewing but … (there’s always a but) do I give it 3/4 sleeves or short sleeves? I’m tempted to do the 3/4 sleeves but there are so many sweet short sleeved versions out there and I do love my cardigans! Perhaps if this works out well I could make a long sleeved version in a more substantial fabric, hmm I may have made up my own mind!

On another sewing note, I was clearing the debris from the hall this morning and found this on the floor …


I made it to tie under the saddle of my boys bike when he cycled Lands End to John o’Groats this summer. I think he took it off when the bike went in for a service the other day. I admit, no 15 year old wants the men in the bike shop to see THAT, but does he not realise the blood and sweat I put into making it!?! I almost swept it up!

I’m going to smile at my pile of ready-to-sew-2444 fabric and make an abosolute decision about the sleeve length tomorrow when I don’t have ‘what shall I cook for tea?’ on my mind. Or shall I just cut them long and decide when it’s made up? Decisions …






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8 responses to “The long and short of it …

  1. Ooh I bought this pattern after seeing so many lovely versions. Will be following your progress. Good luck! x

  2. Sassy! I vote short sleeves, that plaid would look cute with a bright sweater thrown on

  3. I was thinking 3/4 sleeves, mainly because I want to make that version too… but I think cjgal is onto a good thing, a cardigan would look sweet with that check… you will know what to do when you next look at the cutting board!

  4. OK for Uniqlo – still plenty of stock online cos I just checked!

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