Will Power? Who is he? …

Well, my Simplicity 2444 is going very well thank you very much. I’m amazed that I just wrote that because actually I cut the pattern too big (which is better than too small I know) and have therefore had a couple of fitting issues with the bust area, and waist and oh dear just about everywhere (obviously) … Despite my mistake, I LOVE this pattern! I think I will treat this make as a wearable muslin (hopefully, not quite there yet!).

I went back to work today, so my dress is having to wait but an exciting package arrived in the post …

These are so lovely (from ebay), I want to make them now! I also got my first batch of swatches from Stone Fabrics

But honestly? I’m not really taken with anything! I do love the website though so I have high hopes for future samples and I did ask for some extra swatches and they are very promising …

I like the denim and the rust spot is nice too. I’m not rushing into anything just yet though as I have spent too much money today already (Roobeedoo I blame you!!) on a Uniqlo purchase and then there’s the small matter of a rather interesting book that Jane mentioned! Oh dear, I can’t blame anyone but myself, I have no will power!


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3 responses to “Will Power? Who is he? …

  1. I know the feeling! I got yet more fabric yesterday! And the husband commented it had been rather quiet at the post box for a couple of weeks with no new patterns arriving!!

  2. Hee Hee yeah, I hear you too girl. I get the “how much do you think you spend on sewing each month?” question every once in a while. I just tell him that I could be spending exponentially more at the mall and he shuts up pretty quick.

  3. Mwaa haa haa haa! 😉
    Welcome to the dark side!

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