Swish, swash, new dress coming through …

I have finished Simplicity 2444!

Ooh I love it! It feels so nice to wear, so swishy swashy and feminine to boot! My flawed, flimsy fabric doesn’t look so bad after all and behaved rather well considering my initial disappointment.


As you can see, I went for the short sleeves in the end and given this sudden burst of hot weather, I’m pleased I did. I am still saying that this is a wearable muslin because it’s not so lovely on the inside! I cut a size too big and went back and forth a few times taking the side seams in and adjusting the darts a little. The next version will have french seams and a hand sewn hem (honestly!), I may even line the bodice (blimey!). The invisible zip went in well with no tantrums as did the facing (I love the shape of the neckline). Most importantly though, I will cut the front skirt in one piece rather than two just so this doesn’t happen again …

That was the moment I noticed an extra wide red check running down the front, (and then looking away in disbelief) doh!

It doesn’t show when I’m standing, so sod it! I love it anyway!

All in all a lovely pattern and my favourite make to date. I’m feeling quite excited about the next version and will definitely be making one with three quarter sleeves at some point too.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! x


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10 responses to “Swish, swash, new dress coming through …

  1. Ooh lovely, just as nice as I thought it would be! Are they pleats at the waist or gathers? Whatever they are I want mine to look like that when I finally tackle this pattern!

    • Hello Jane, they are pleats, I was surprised how nicely they hang because I wasn’t convinced when I put them in! I stuck to the pattern and it worked! You won’t have to tackle it, it’s a dream honestly! (lots of exclamation marks because I’m still rather pleased with myself!!)

  2. Really pretty, the shape of the skirt is lovely.

  3. It looks lovely on you, so elegant and ladylike!

  4. Ooh yes – it’s lovely! As for the red stripe… it’s a design feature! You could always highlight it with a length of ric rac if it is bugging you 🙂

  5. Gorgeous!! I love this pattern, everything about it is lovely. When I made it I cut the front skirt in one piece, I can’t see the point of having it in two pieces. I also cut a size too big so we need to retrace the pattern a size down, that’s the only reason I haven’t made it again. Although I’m feeling inspired…
    Can’t wait to see your next one.

    • I should have refreshed my memory by looking at your gorgeous Port Paris dress before I started, then I’d have remembered your words of wisdom about cutting the front in one piece! Next time …!

  6. Love the dress and the colour combination!

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