All work, no play …

My head is spinning with work at the moment, work, teenagers and what to cook for dinner. I am home early today, but am I sewing? No mrs, I am not. I am too tired and all I can manage is to sit on the sofa with nothing more than a mug of tea and a vacant expression while my teens drink their milk and watch tv programmes designed for six year olds . We all feel the same I think.

I had a nice surprise this morning when a parcel arrived at the office addressed to me, look what was inside …

Buttons and buckles (yes more) from my mothers stash. The card reads “there’s more where these came from!”, exciting! A red buckle is just what I need to make a belt for my gingham number. Speaking of which, a new Simplicity 2444 is waiting in the wings of my sewing head. I just need to shove all the other stuff like work and assisting with UCAS forms out of the way to make room for a bit of me time first.

Maybe tomorrow I will get a wiggle on and at least pin the pattern to the fabric? I’ll let you know …


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2 responses to “All work, no play …

  1. I know the feeling! I haven’t done any sewing for what feels like ages because life has taken over. I hope you get some time to sew soon. Simplicity 2444 is addictive! The fabric for your next version looks lovely.

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