Autumn leaves and three quarter sleeves …

My little sewing project has had so many interruptions this week that I was beginning to think I might never get it done. It’s not been straightforward, the fabric turned out to be a nightmare for starters and the French seams that I was so proud of were slightly misjudged and as a consequence the dress is a tiny bit on the tight side. I can wear it, I just can’t eat anything (she says stuffing a chocolate bourbon in her mouth) when it’s on.

The fabric is from my Walthamstow hoard and please don’t ask me what it is, I’ve no idea. It was bought for three reasons, I liked the pattern, I loved the drape and it was dirt cheap. Two metres purchased in the heat of the moment, everything I bought that day came back with me in two metre lengths, what the hell was I thinking?! This was £1.50 a metre, I am officially dim. I have used my pattern of the moment, the Simplicity 2444 and it specifically says on the back of the packaging that if you only purchased 2 metres of fabric for this perfect dress, you are a plonker. That aside, the fabric has a will of its own. You can pin it, iron it, press it, stick a tonne of hot weights on it over night and yet it will never crease. That’s good if you fall asleep in it in the stationery cupboard at work and want to emerge looking fresh as a daisy, but not if you want to press a bloody hem.

OK, despite all that, I’m quite pleased with the end product …

I did things slightly differently to the last version. I cut my front skirt out of one piece this time (good job, what with the seams refusing to press flat) and the skirt isn’t quite as full because the fabric wasn’t wide enough (and because there were only two metres, grrr!). I kept the pockets (I love pockets) and managed to squeeze out three quater length sleeves too …

which I hemmed using the brown silky bias binding also bought at Walthamstow (25p per metre!).

The invisible zip behaved itself … Ooh, I’m beginning to like this dress.

Sorry about the pigeon feet, I know I am an adult but something in me goes all silly when I’m having my photo taken, it’s an insecurity thing I’m sure.

I hemmed this dress three times to try and get it to hang nicely. I’d intended to hem it with the same brown binding that I did the sleeves with but figured it would hang like a hooped skirt if I wasn’t careful, so it was machined … unpicked and hand sewn, unpicked and machined again. Third time lucky and I think it looks just fine.

In fact it looks quite Autumnal. If you stood me in a park amongst the fallen leaves I could easily get lost … tempting!




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4 responses to “Autumn leaves and three quarter sleeves …

  1. That dress is gorgeous! The fabric is lovely, as you say it’s a nice autumnal print. I haven’t made a Simplicity 2444 with 3/4 sleeves yet, I must try that next. I think this is a queen of patterns, such a classic dress which looks good on everyone.

  2. I love it! it definitely doesn’t look like a £3 frock! I suppose you could have trimmed and oversewn the edges together and pressed the seams towards the back to avoid the not-staying-open problem, but that wouldn’t have helped with the hem. But hooray for fabric that doesn’t need constant ironing!

    • Thank you, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ve got some more of the same but in a different pattern, I’ll try that technique (I’ll try and remember!) next time. The zip cost me as much as the fabric but I suppose a £6 frock isn’t bad either!

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