Home again, home again, jiggity jig …

We’ve been to Northumberland for a family gathering and to blow away (in gusty wind and rain) the Halloween cobwebs. It’s a beautiful place, I think I could live there. Yes, I could absolutely live there.

Anyway, before I left I mentioned my ‘going out top’. This is ironic because I actually never seem to go out these days, but I thought I’d make one just in case (you never know).

In the absence of a suitable pattern and with time being of the essence, I turned to the trusty Sorbetto to save the day. With a little neckline adjustment here and the addition of long sleeves there, I think it went quite well.

I  used french seams where I could and bias binding where I couldn’t …

The fabric was from my Walthamstow stash and I can safely say that the price (£1.50 metre!) reflected the quality (there was a little bit of swearing), but no worries I shan’t be wearing it that much I don’t suppose!

Hmm, I didn’t notice those wonky buttons before! Luckily I already have a mauve camisole to wear under it, so it’s not too revealing.

I made the back from two pieces and added a button and loop so I could get it on and off easily but apart from that I think it’s still a Sorbetto at heart. If there is ever a ‘one pattern, one month‘ event then I think I’m your girl!

Did I wear it in Northumberland? Not on your nellie. Far too cold for silly flimsies!


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6 responses to “Home again, home again, jiggity jig …

  1. lisa

    I love the long sleeves on the sorbetto! Did you use a template? or draft your own?

  2. I love this with long sleeves! The sheerness of the fabric makes this a total lovely night out top. Loving it, sassy lady!

  3. Wow that’s lovely, it’s like the Sorbetto you wear when you are not wearing a Sorbetto. Great job!

  4. That’s one of the nicest sorbettos I’ve seen

  5. I was just about to comment about it being one of the nicest sorbettos I’d seen when i discovered id already said that in 2013. There you go 9 years later i still havent seen many better

    I have followed your link though and got the sleeve pattern as i may finally make a sorbetto

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