Wet woollens …

Oh dear, no sewing to report I’m afraid (unless you count sewing a button back on a shirt?). The usual suspects (teenagers and work) have been higher on my list of priorities lately, but I’m going to make sure I have some sewing time very soon.

Meanwhile, I have managed to crochet a granny square or two (honestly it takes me an age!) …

I found the wool (and the bag, but not together) in a charity shop a couple of years ago and my mum showed me the path to crochet happiness that Christmas with a gift of a crochet hook and some beautiful hand drawn instructions.

She had such hopes for me, oh dear! I have seven ‘squarish’ squares made with various degrees of success over the last two years … yes you heard me right (the shame). My excuse? I do struggle a bit because I only have to think about wool (honestly) and my hands break into a sweat.

In an ideal world I would be casting on along with the very talented Roobeedo and Kerry, but my career ended before it even began in 1981 with a rather dashing knitted tie made for my dad. It was a complete disaster, my wool got so wet it glued to the needles, I persevered and although he never wore the twisted, wobbly strip of sadness he does still keep it in his sock drawer. Now in my forties I have accepted that I’m not going to grow out of this sweaty hand syndrome (wool is a definite trigger) and knitting cannot be my thing, but crochet is a manageable compromise and I love it, so it’s not all bad!

I think I could probably manage a cushion cover …  a small one anyway!


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2 responses to “Wet woollens …

  1. Oh this made me giggle, I also have an uneasy relationship with wool. I can knit and crochet but not as well as I can sew (assuming that I can sew well…) for some bizarre reason this did not stop me purchasing wool to knit a cardigan with cables this weekend. Argh!

  2. Look at your crochet go! I too struggle to stay on task with this too. Stay strong- you can totes make it 8 squares! 😉

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