My Miss Marple Skirt …

Any village murders need solving? If you just give me a minute to powder my nose and quickly knit a cardi, I could be the sleuth you’re looking for in my new super duper Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt!


At first I was thinking primary school headmistress circa 1975 but I’m much comfier with Agatha Christie’s iconic little old lady. If I take it up a tiny bit so it sits just on my knee instead of just below, I may be able to shake off this image, but on the whole … I love it!


This is my first Sewaholic pattern and it won’t be my last, it’s very clear and simple, I love the design. The fabric is another Walthamstow, £2 per metre find and there’s something quite nice about it with the orange and cream flecks running through it.


I went for view B, but took a bit of length off (not enough apparently) as I just loved the button tabs. Buttons and big pockets, what’s not to like about this?


And yes, I did add piping to the pockets …


How nice it that?!



And look, an invisible Zip! I did think this may make my bum look humungous, but I think it’s ok. I don’t actually care, I like this skirt so much and round bottoms are good!

Next time? A little bit shorter but that’s just me. Oh, and itchy fabrics need lining, or a decent petticoat!

This pattern has so many possibilities, a denim number is next on my list with contrasting piping, but floral, summery versions excite me no end! You should buy this pattern, it’s very, very satisfying!





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17 responses to “My Miss Marple Skirt …

  1. This is so so lovely! I’d love a skirt like this. Great details with the piping and buttons.

    I feel the same about skirt length as I wear flat shoes to work (often brogues like you have on) and find that I need to make sure the skirt is just above the knee so I don’t feel like a frump – not that you look like one, but I think that sometimes that half an inch of skirt length counts 🙂

  2. This is really gorgeous! you have done such a great job. xXx

  3. LOL I hadn’t bought the Hollyburn because I thought it would make my bum look huge too 🙂 for the record your bum doesn’t look huge – and I’m loving this skirt. It looks lovely on you. However I will continue my pattern diet. No new patterns until post London 2013. Not too much longer now…

  4. This looks absolutely amazing! Totes Miss Marple in the most epic way possible. The pipping adds a final sumthin’ sumthin’. Love it!

  5. It’s 1970’s in a really good way! Love the flashes of orange and those button tabs. And piping! Piping 🙂

    P.S. Thank you for the pointer to that jacket. I am seriously tempted, though it is scary-expensive even in the sale – love the peplum 🙂

    • There are little flecks of green too which I weirdly hadn’t noticed before. The jacket is pricey isn’t it, but that peplum is a great detail. You could order it to just see?!

  6. Love this skirt on you! I have the Hollyburn pattern and I am seriously tempted now to make a version myself for my next project. Oh and Miss Marple is one of my style icons 🙂

  7. Ooh, love it!!! I mean really love it, and I think the choice of fabric ( and piping !) do it true stylish justice. It’s all good channelling miss marple I think !!

  8. Wow, you’ve done a wonderful job on that skirt I’m very tempted to get the pattern. I love your shoes too.

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