Style in the past …

As I haven’t had a chance to sew for over a week now, I thought I’d smuggle a dress that I made years ago into this blog just for old times sake …

On a visit to Brighton many moons ago, I came across the very lovely Get Cutie in Kensington Gardens where I fell in love with a dress (as you do). Sadly it didn’t fit and I was so disappointed, I thought I’d try and make one. Not a direct copy (I should point that out!) but their dress certainly inspired me, in fact they inspired me! I’d never actually made a dress from a pattern before and I do believe this was the start of something that was going to be big in my life (even though I’d wait a few years to do it again!).


The style of the dress was great, but what I really loved was the fabric and I eventually found some on ebay.


Next, I needed a pattern similar to Get Cutie’s version and this was an exceptionally lucky find in a charity shop. It’s Style 1047, a very flattering shape and pretty easy to follow, I’d highly recommend this one if you can find it.



I wore this dress just the once, to a brilliant New Years Eve party where much alcohol was consumed and I remember feeling very happy in it. My lovely friend slurred to everyone we talked to that I’d made it and I got lots of oohs and ahhs …

But, I never wore it again!

I tried it on last week and realised with a smile that I’ve actually improved my dress making skills! The zip insertion is a bit (ahem) rustic and the bust just a wee bit shapeless (or is that just me), things I wouldn’t put up with now!

To be honest it’s not really ‘me’ anymore anyway and I think it faded a bit when I washed it after that party. It now lives in a suitcase in a cupboard with the other things I don’t wear but can’t get rid of because I made them!

Last year I tried on another dress in Get Cutie and as my bust was as shapeless as ever, that didn’t fit either. After weeks of not being able to find the fabric anywhere, I rang the lovely GC people and they kindly sent me three metres for a very reasonable sum. I’m not sure I’ll use the same pattern when I eventually get around to making something, but I know my zip insertion will be better!


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2 responses to “Style in the past …

  1. This is such a rad piece of your history! And I have to say the fabric is rather rad. Super cute 😀

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