Somerset treasures …

My teens have been away in Spain, Grenada in fact, being ‘cultural and arty’ and having a wonderful time (from the photos on FB) with their school. How lucky are they?! We took a few days away ourselves and sauntered over to Bath for a little wander before heading further afield to a gorgeous little hideaway on the Somerset Levels.

Bath is a bit special to us because that’s where we ran away to get married. It was so secret that even I didn’t know I was getting married (I kid you not), no guests just the bride from the next wedding and her bridesmaid as our witnesses. In the one photo we have, we look like we are scared to death of what our parents are going to say and I actually have my mouth open! Our parents were relieved happy, so we needn’t have worried but that’s another story, suffice to say, Bath was a good place to go.

We went for lunch to Bea’s Vintage Tearooms on  A Girl in Winter’s recommendation (thank you!) and it was perfect, mis-matching cups and saucers are making a definite come back in my house!


I did happen to stumble upon Fashion Fabrics but was so overwhelmed by the amount of fabric on offer I had a mini panic attack and came out with nothing! Not to worry, the next day I found Sew Vintage in Wells. Oh my goodness, my heart missed a beat when I saw this gem of a shop. Jimmy made a special effort to look excited about the ticking that would possibly make some good kitchen curtains and took a deep breath when I squealed a bit having spotted the remnant basket …


I bought a good jersey remnant from the Mulberry factory in a delicious pink and some red cotton lace that I just couldn’t resist. Yes, that’s all. Crazy fool, I honestly wish I’d bought some of the other great things on offer AND there are workshops! Why don’t we live in Wells?!

On our way back home the next day we stopped off in Frome. Why did I not know about Frome? Why did no one tell me everything would be shut on a Sunday? Oh, the pain, honestly I stood at the windows of so many interesting shops selling all the things I love and the closest I could get was putting my sweaty palms on the glass whilst biting my bottom lip in frustration.


So many gorgeous vintage items of utter gorgeousness and one or two fabric and wool shops just to add the icing on the cake. I might have to go back soon.

In other news, I have made a dress … on an overlocker! I will post a blog about it very soon.



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  1. Glad you liked Bea’s. I know what you mean about Fashion Fabrics. I need to go to Frome!

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