Polka Dot Frock Fest Fever …

I think I need to see the psychotherapist optician. I have spots before my eyes at all hours, this challenge has become all consuming. Last night I dreamt I was unpicking a never ending seam and the spots jumped off the fabric, attacking my fingers in defence!

Not to worry, I have finally finished the Polka Dot Frock Fest challenge set by the wonderfully inspiring Winnie of Scruffy Badger Time and just in the nick of time!

I started this project quite late because I spent far too long dithering over which fabric to use. Finally, completely forgetting that Spring is just round the corner, I purchased a black and white, cotton blend sateen from Truro fabrics. It’s a well behaved fabric, nice to sew and suits the pattern as it has a little stretch.


The pattern as you know, is New Look 6000 and I went for the simple option, view E. I must confess, I didn’t make a muslin, silly me. Size wise, I cut a 12 for the top (matching my bust measurements to those on the pack) grading up to a 14 on the hips and I made it a slightly A Line shape which I thought was more ‘me’. Unfortunately, I ended up with a bit of a baggy back and a saggy bust … To cut a long story short I have done an awful lot of unpicking and re adjusting on this little beast! Oh, and sewing black fabric! How the hell can you see the stitches to unpick? What with blinking all those floating dots away and squinting at the stitches …


Not to worry, I managed to get some ric rac into this make and even got completely carried away and popped a couple of patch pockets on the front late last night. In the cold light of day, I realised they weren’t so cool after all and they were swiftly unpicked! I also changed the cuffs because I saw Sam’s version here and loved them so much I had to copy!


Will I make another? Well, I have a little crush on contrast piping at the moment and I’m thinking it would work really well with this pattern … ooh exciting! Despite all the tutting and multiple alterations (it’s me not the pattern), I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this make and am rather pleased with my new dress. In fact it’s spot on (oh goodness, sorry!!), thank you Winnie!




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15 responses to “Polka Dot Frock Fest Fever …

  1. Sam

    Oh, I LOVE your version! The black and white is so classic and stylish and the touch of rick-rack is gorgeous. Love the cuffs too! 😉

    Another one with contrast piping would be fab. I could be tempted to copy you on that idea!

  2. Oh lovely! Can’t beat a dotty dress. I can see how the spots would make you pretty cross eyed though 🙂 For sewing black fabric I highly recommend a head torch. You might feel a bit silly, but it really helps you to see those stitches!

  3. Yipppeee! It really is a special make & I am super excited that you got some rick rack into it as well (that really is SO inspired!)
    It looks amazing on you – very classy & I too am loving Sam’s cuffs- what a great adaptation to make the sleeves cardigan-worthy.
    I am going to go to sleep now with your lovely black & white polka dot dress in mind – so glad that I didnt have to unpick (but know exactly what you mean in times of sewing under artificial light- roll on spring!)

  4. I love your sleeves! That rickrack is just a lovely detail. Nicely done!

  5. So so so so cute! (Is that enough ‘so’s?) 🙂
    You have officially inspired me to finally finish mine tonight.
    Your details are really well done, and I love the idea of trying piping for a future version. It just screams for it.
    Happy Polka Dot Frock Fest!!

  6. I love this!!!
    I struggled to find fabric so have ended up with splodge dots instead. No muslin for me either. Such rebels!!!

  7. You look absolutely awesome!!!! Well worth the fittings and the ricrac is to die for. Love, love, love this!

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