Fabric finds on Friday …

My charity shop shopping history goes back a long way …

1st September 1984

… Almost school, still done no homework. Today last minute decision, we went to town. Market – nothing. Spastics Society – bought a white blouse with lace collar and a lovely top with 3/4 sleeves from Chelsea Girl originally! It’s silk and acrylic. Then went to Oxfam and got a grey shirt (Miss Selfridge, an expensive shop) and a school bag. Great day out! Off to wash my hair, why is it always so greasy? …

So, greasy hair aside (that is mostly no longer an issue, thankfully), you can see I have always loved charity shop shopping. I don’t remember the bag but the clothes were gems and I can still feel the thrill of finding them. I don’t get that feeling so often these days, there are plenty of shops but they are full to the brim of cheap supermarket clothes and I often feel disappointed that the treasures are few and far between and the prices (dare I say it?) are a bit high.

Until …


There is a new charity shop warehouse in town and I cannot contain myself. It sells all the things that the charity shop tried and failed to sell. I find this astounding because look at those fabrics! Barkcloth, cotton and the white pieces are pure cotton sheets, still with the labels and tied in ribbon!


This barkcloth is making my heart skip a beat and there’s at least 4 metres of it! I know!


Then there’s this …


A double duvet which I’m happy to report has washed very well and is waiting in the wings for a project (or bed). Then there was this…


I’m still grinning with the thrill of my finds, I think I have about 12 metres of fabric here (not including the sheets)! How much did you say? Well, ALL clothing a pound a piece, all linen, a pound a piece. I spent £7 and you can’t get much better than that! Jimmy is mortified and is putting in plans to get me banned.

Have a lovely weekend.


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12 responses to “Fabric finds on Friday …

  1. SSSOOOO jealous!! That barkcloth is just lovely and I like the look of that blue daisy print too, you lucky thing! Ah the memories though; I remember getting my first ‘continental quilt’ and also thinking Miss Selfridge was an expensive shop, way out of my league! x

  2. Wow I love charity shopping!!!! How lucky to find such a large yardage of bark cloth!!!

  3. Sam

    That barkcloth is gorgeous! We have one charity shop in my town that sells fabric, I’ve bought a few pieces at very reasonable prices from them, but nothing as good – or as cheap – as that.

  4. Major league scores there!! That expanse of barkcloth is just too wondrous….

  5. My goodness, that is a large piece of fabric. Perhaps even longer than Princess Diana’s wedding dress train (whic was approx 7.62m in length)?

  6. So. Much. Awesome! What rad finds!

  7. Wow, that place sounds amazing! Well worth stalking out for bargains.

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