Bright little Laurel …

I made this version of the Laurel a couple of weeks ago and it was a sweet mini project after the shirt! I really enjoyed the simplicity of this pattern and the hand sewing was quite therapeutic.


I did have some incy issues with the fit of this and because I was impatient so excited to wear it, I didn’t exactly resolve them. So, I’m ashamed to say, it’s a bit big on the shoulders and I may have been slightly over zealous with the French seams and back darts because it’s a bit tight to get on too!


My goodness it’s bright! The fabric was a steal at £1 from that charity shop and there was just enough for this little number. The bias binding came curtesy of my lovely mum from her stash of beautiful bits and bobs and I love the two colours together.


I happen to have a cardi that matches the binding perfectly, so I can live with those shoulders and the high visibility colours mean I can always get part time work in the vehicle recovery industry should I need the change …

PS: There were photos of me looking at the camera, but I have just had a horrible sick bug and look like a washed out bag of spanners. I thought the bright top might help, I was wrong!


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9 responses to “Bright little Laurel …

  1. punkmik

    Very pretty. Love the contrast! Works well together! 🙂

  2. Looks lovely – hope you feel better.

  3. Love the contrast binding!

  4. Very sweet!! The contrast is lovely too

  5. Gorgeous! I love that colour combination. I really need to get my backside into gear and make one of these tops, there are so many gorgeous versions about now. This is one of my favourites though.

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