Another Laurel coming through …

Look, just in time for Me Made May ’13, I have run up another Colette Laurel!


This dress took no time at all to make and I think I’ve finally found a pattern that forgives the use of cheap, unidentifiable fabrics from Walthamstow!


By a stroke of luck I have just realised that I have shoes to match! Look, my favourite colour bias binding (as used on my Bright Little Laurel and sneaked into this make) actually matches my shoes …


The only change I made on this pattern was to make it slightly a-line, but I also jiggled a bit with the armscye and shoulder width and added a tiny bit to the hem.


Even the zip went in pretty well (hmm, though perhaps a hook and eye wouldn’t go amiss there!) .


Okay, so mine is a pretty simple version but the beauty of this pattern is that there is so much room to really personalise your dress and I will certainly make another (collars, short sleeves, ricrac ooh, endless possibilities). Just hop on over to the Flickr page for entries to the Colette contest, what a talented and imaginative bunch of sewists there are out there!

It’s good to see some familiar faces pop up, I love Scruffy’s impressively lovely and huge collection of luscious Laurels and  Taracat has amazed all with her off the planet (that’s an absolute compliment) imagination (fishes and bubbles on a Laurel? Genius)!

A brilliant contest, not only for making everyone get creative but also for giving me an incentive to make a new dress … I can see why everyone is filling their wardrobes with Laurels, it’s addictive!


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15 responses to “Another Laurel coming through …

  1. As always your makes are just uber cute!!! It’s adorable and a perfect addition to your already stylish wardrobe. Love that the shoes match even as far as the binding detail!! I agree, I think this pattern is so more versatile than I would have credited it on first viewing…

  2. I like the understated simplicity of this dress. Looks picture perfect on you!

  3. Sam

    That’s a gorgeous Laurel! Beautiful colours in the print, and bonus that you’ve got shoes to match (which are also gorgeous by the way!)

  4. Super sweet. The shoes really compliment the outfit.

  5. This is one of my favourite Laurels so far! I love that print! And the sleeves! Super cute!

  6. This is gorgeous! Your right about this pattern being addictive, I think because it’s so versatile. And I want your shoes, they are fabulous! And thanks for the mention 🙂

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