All spots and no trousers …

No trousers today I’m afraid. No matter, there’s still time and I have a rather sweet dress to show off instead.

Yes, I’m very pleased with this (which is why you get the photo of the pattern again). It’s the Miz Mozelle pattern from Jamie Christina.


This is such an appealing pattern and there are some absolutely lovely versions out there to inspire. I bought my fabric from Goldhawk Road for (I think) £4.50 a metre and it drapes beautifully. It took me a few minutes (that is a blatant lie, it took me hours) to decide on the pale green binding. I would have liked to bind the collar edge too but I only had enough to finish the keyhole and collar attachment.


I was a little unsure of which size to cut as I was using a non stretch fabric and in the end I went up a size. The top fits me well but I think I could have stuck to my actual size for the skirt as I have quite a bit of fabric gathered at my waist.

This is the first pattern I’ve made from Jamie Christina and I found the instructions concise and clear. The front and back bodice pieces are sewn up at the shoulders and then the sleeves (to which you have already attached the binding) are inserted, then the side seams are sewn up. Next time, I think I’ll add the bias binding at the end to get a nice finish on the seams, but that’s just me, it was good to try this method anyway.

Once I realised that I could slip the dress over my head, I unpicked my rather lumpy loop and just added the button for show.


Is it just me who skips around the room in delight when I find the perfect button? And it’s not just buttons, I whoop with joy when I find I have vintage thread to match my vintage bias tape too!






I just need the weather to warm up now as this is a bare legs and ice cream in the sun sort of dress really.


Eek! Don’t look at the sock imprints on my legs! Long day in jeans and socks … That’s not all, I realised pretty fast that this is another static, shock your socks off (that’s where they went) type of fabric and it clings a bit. And, I must remember not to wear big navy and white striped pants … they show through. This is me on the phone to the pant police …


Oh and there was just enough fabric over (at a real squeeze) to make a …

IMG_2958 IMG_2957

Sorbetto! Yes, I know I have quite a few of these now. And yes, I know I may be developing a polka dot/ contrast binding obsession. It’s a phase and no doubt it will pass … maybe.


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17 responses to “All spots and no trousers …

  1. Absolutely love it, both of them! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous. I’ve been thinking about buying this pattern & now I think I must! Fabulous choice of fabric & trims.
    Love love the phone pic!

  3. Cute dress. And I couldn’t see your pants. I looked very carefully 😉

  4. Beautiful! I love the contrast of the green and red, those buttons are lovely!

  5. Your dress and top are beautiful. I love the fabric.

  6. This is lovely- I think your fabric choice is so perfect- love the shoes too. Gush, gush, gush.

  7. I absolutely love this! And yes, I also do the button dance 🙂 I think I’ve found the perfect fabric for my version of this pattern now, and you have totally inspired me to get my arse into gear.

  8. Oh I love it!! And those shoes!! Great outfit, and love the Sorbetto too!

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