Spring Sewing Swap …

Getting a parcel in the post is very exciting, especially if you know it’s going to be a sewing related one. If you know it’s going to be a sewing related one from Kathryn of Yes I Like That, then all the better! Low and behold, I came home last Friday to a lovely squidgy package oozing with sewing goodness.


I left it on the kitchen table (so restrained) while I did my hellos, checked the days exam situations, praised, soothed and hugged, supplied Jaffa cakes and drinks before settling down with a cup of tea and my parcel. What’s all this about? Did I mention Kerry’s Sewing Swap? Ooh, it’s great: You say “yes please Kerry, I’m in” and she pairs you up with another willing participant and basically you have a really thorough nose at their blog and make up a parcel of sewing goodies that you sincerely hope they will like.

I met Kathryn at the epic meet up in London where we had briefly spoken about her brogues … I greatly admired the way she stood at the edge of the room when the swap began with the seasoned others, while I tried hard to look nonchalant when actually I was chomping at the bit to get to the fabrics! She is absolutely lovely and has, amongst her great makes, a very thought provoking blog (but you probably know that already!). Look at what she gave me …

IMG_3040Look at these patterns (and gorgeous moth card)! A shirt dress with a pretty yoke and a sophisticated yet “very easy” (I like that bit) dress with a bateau neckline that will be great in the autumn. Then as if that’s not enough, a robe (or is it a dress?) with a hood. I can see myself in this on a summer evening with a G&T in the garden, very Margo Leadbetter (only without the poshness), I love it!

IMG_3042Fabrics galore, including some jersey polka dot! I love the blue and beige piece and that African wax print is gorgeous.


Ooh and that pink bit at the top, yes that’s for me too! Everything was wrapped in pretty ribbons and I thought I’d come to the end when I saw a polka dot paper bag hiding a gorgeous lace collar and a yoke insert that a certain young lady immediately held up and oohed over, so I think I know what I’ll be doing with that!

IMG_3041Thank you so much to Kathryn for a brilliant parcel and also thank you to Kerry for organising!

PS  It’s my birthday today, so parcels galore!


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16 responses to “Spring Sewing Swap …

  1. What an amazing parcel, people are so generous aren’t they? I will be very interested to see what you make from the blue and beige piece – that caught my eye straight away! Happy Birthday !

  2. What a great parcel! So many lovely things to inspire new projects. Glad you enjoyed taking part – and Happy Birthday!

  3. I’m so glad you liked it! You’ve even made it look pretty after I shoved it all in a bag (shortage of spare shoe boxes around this household…). Can’t wait to see what you make with the stuff, especially the lace collar, was hard to give that one up but I thought you’d appreciate it! 🙂

  4. Look at you sneaking your birthday in at the end! Big Bday Wishes to you. Now I’m regretting not joining the swap with this lovely collection. Silly Amy.

  5. That African print is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  6. happy birthday, hope you had a fun day

  7. Good looking loot;)
    Happy Birthday:)

  8. I like to model myself on Margo when I’m drinking cocktails in the garden too! Happy belated birthday! xx

  9. Wow! Such fabulous treats, Margo had better beware!!! I’ve just posted about my goodies from the lovely Philippa – do come and take a look! Thank-you Krafty Kat 🙂

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