Anyone seen my brain? …

The sun is out! This is definitely the sort of weather for making myself a nice, fresh, summery Airelle top …



IMG_3163I love this pattern and couldn’t wait to get started on this version (here is my first). The cotton was £1 from my charity shop hoard and I had the ric rac and buttons (yes I added buttons!) in my cupboard. It was such a pleasure to sew …

IMG_3164I’d been hoping to make a sleeveless version but there was a lot of bra on show (not good) so I went for some short sleeves and shaped them with a little pleat and added my vintage buttons. Look no collar!

IMG_3165Oh it’s sweet and just what I wanted, I love this pattern … hmm, hang on why is my hem so wonky? What the jeepers …

IMG_3167Oh, I can’t believe it. What on earth was I blooming thinking? Did you know I’m a graphic designer? No? I don’t think I should be anymore, I work in straight lines for goodness sake! Blimey if my Pilates mat isn’t lined up with the lines of the carpet I have to hold the class up while I readjust things and don’t get me started on wonky pictures on walls!

I admit I cannot wear this and having sewn it up with my overlocker, I’m not about to save it either (impossibly skew!). That night wasn’t a good one for my family. Jimmy and youngest teen have scuttled off on their bikes to France (there’s some kind of race on apparently) but I think I’m over it now. Amazing what a huge bar of Galaxy and a g&t can do for ones hurt pride.

Don’t worry, I have enough fabric to try again and I believe I’m ready now … in the meantime would you mind keeping this little blunder to yourselves? Thank you!



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11 responses to “Anyone seen my brain? …

  1. Oh, it is so lovely – love the neckline and the sleeves (- such a shame – working with stripes is PITA!)

  2. LOL promise I won’t tell anyone!

  3. It’s a lovely top. If it makes you feel better – I cut a bodice and only realised afterwards that the pattern was upside down and it didn’t line up at the back. A Liberty print fabric too. 😦 But, I still wear it. 🙂

  4. Seriously – I would not have noticed this if you hadn’t pointed it out! This top is gorgeous, I love the fabric, the ric rac and the pleated sleeves. Would your hair cover most of the back yoke? When the top of my back zips go a bit wonky, (which is pretty much always) I’ll think, “Not to worry! My hair will cover it! ;)”

    Good luck with the new one, and I shall look forward to seeing it.

  5. What beautiful fabric and detailing- can’t you just always wear it with a cardigan?!? But I’m the same- if I know something is wrong, I’d never be happy wearing it, even with it covered over. I share your brain-loss too having had a simiilar experience with cutting out a striped Sorbetto this week and not centering the stripes. Sorbettos are supposed to be easy, right, so I have no excuse.

  6. Oh noes! Curse you print! But that ricrac? Totes makes up for it, I swear!

  7. oh no, I bought some super fun fabric, but when I went to cut it I discovered the pattern was printed on wonky, no amount of lining up would get it straight, I haven’t been able to face using it yet! That fabric is gorgeous, and although I am sure no one would notice, I am sure it is something that would drive me insane too.

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