Hot patterns and I’m running away …

Thank you for the comments on my latest fail, so nice to know that I’m not alone in these little upsets! I’ve not managed to get around to re-making it, in fact I’ve not done much sewing at all lately what with a mega busy time at work and then a state of utter exhaustion due to this unbearable unbelievable heat! I have found some gems that I’d like to show you though …


The artwork is just so lovely on these! The nightgown and robe is from 1968 and has never been cut, it’s very “Ooh Betty”!


Then, there’s this lovely skirt from 1974 with a shaped yoke (yum) or a front wrap style. Those snazzy ladies make me feel all giggly and girly (cripes I need a holiday!) and their legs are to die for (note to self, they are not real). I paid 80p for these, how I love a bargain!

Then I saw this on that auction site …

IMG_3190and yes, I bought it. It’s a 1970s St Michael dress in seersucker cotton with a lined bodice and I love it! It’s an insy bit big in the bust but sticking to the brand, I bought an M&S multiway bra that has (ahem) “enhanced” things and it’s not too bad now.


A couple of little darts in the back have stopped the unsightly gaping (this size 36 WILL fit my size 34) and apart from that, it’s perfect.

IMG_3189OK, that’s it from me for now. I’m about to run away to the cooler climate otherwise known as Wales. We will have no telly, no internet and no mobile signal, just a pile of books, some cards and did I mention the hot tub?! Shall I take my sewing machine? It’s hugely tempting …




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5 responses to “Hot patterns and I’m running away …

  1. Béa

    That ’74 skirt pattern is reminding me so hard of Jackie magazine fashion spreads! They all look so adorably seventies sassy! I love it to bits!

  2. Sarahel

    We always had family holidays in Wales. The last one, when I was 18, saw us take 2 cars, a boat, a dog, a hamster, half the local library, and yes, a sewing machine. So I say go for it.

    Really enjoy the blog.

  3. Sam

    Love the wrap version of that skirt pattern. The dress looks lovely too, I totally agree that you had to have it!

  4. Oh, I love that dress! Just gorgeous 🙂
    I’d be tempted to take my sewing machine, or at least some patterns to trace….

  5. Oh, that frock is fabulous!!!

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