Holiday romance …

I have finally made a Cambie and, like myself, she is half Welsh!

As you may know, I squeezed my sewing machine into the boot of our car between the beach ball and box of beer on our recent holiday to the hot Welsh hills and enjoyed four hours of undisturbed, indulgent, heavenly sewing time whilst there.


With the boys off on their bikes and my girl lost in her book, I cut out my pattern and fabric ( from the London meet-up and lovely lawn lining from Sewbox) in the first session, hand basting the darts (I never do this normally!) and smugly folding pieces ready for the next stage as I went along. I felt completely prepared for this make having thought about it for sooo long and then carefully planning what I would need to put it together whilst away. All my bits and bobs were to hand and I worked on a large, bright kitchen table with loads of space and the door open to let the warm summer breeze through, how perfect!


Unfortunately there wasn’t room in the car to take my dress-form, that would have been stupid involved having to choose which teen to leave behind and tempting as it is, no mother wants to be put in that position! I did try on my Cambie a couple of times and I do seem to remember wishing (again) that my bust was bigger, but there was only a small bathroom mirror and to get to it you had to swim through a river (blocked shower, don’t ask).

Can you see where this post is heading?


So, main dress made in Wales. After a few days back home, the sand had settled and normal life resumed and I started on making up the English half, the lining. It just all felt wrong at home in my post-holiday messy bedroom and that guilty feeling of knowing you should be cooking, cleaning, food shopping and putting the unused wetsuits back in the loft … anything but sewing!

IMG_3260But, in the end I got there. This dress has been great for me. I now know how to line a dress (it looks good on the inside too), I put in my first truly invisible zip (worth investing in the proper foot!), I took my time with the construction (my sweetheart neckline is perfect!) and I have a beautiful dress to show for all my patience (just a hem to sew). I love the pattern and will absolutely use it again. In fact I think I enjoyed making it so much that I forgot to try it on once at home and (as you can see quite clearly in the photos) …


It’s too big!

What would you do? Take it apart (ouch) and start again, create something new from it like erm, a skirt, pop it in the cupboard with the other fails (the last Airelle for starters and let’s not mention the welt pocket episode please). Worry not, I’m not giving in, I have the day off today and intend to redeem my self esteem with … something, though I can’t decide what right now!

My half Welsh Cambie is a story of a holiday romance and we all know they end, in tears right?!



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11 responses to “Holiday romance …

  1. Oh no! That’s such a pretty dress I’d definitely put the effort in to tweak the fit. Either that or eat cake until it did fit!

    Perfect match of pattern and fabric. Hope the post holiday admin doesn’t take too long.

  2. Oh, such a shame – it is lovely – perfect fabric and stitching. I’d probably try and take it in (says me who has a Chantilly dress hiding in my wardrobe waiting for me to do just that – since December!)

  3. She looks stunning! What a fabulous story of how you made your frock!

  4. I’m thrilled you took your machine on holiday!! It’s a lovely dress, it would be a shame to let it gather dust, but I know how hard it would be to take all those backward steps…it’ll be worth it though, right?

  5. Maybe a lovely gift for a friend? 🙂

  6. It’s a lovely dress. I’m pretty lazy so I’d just stuff my bra with tissues and be done with it!

  7. Oh no! I had a similar problem with mine – I sewed according to bust size. As someone since pointed out to me, maybe upper bust would have been better – the top is pretty loose. I can just about wear it, if I wear the most enormous push-up bra I own and take good care to keep my shoulders straight for no gaping. Maybe dig out a ridiculously big push-up bra and see if it helps? Or try one on in M&S with the dress? I hope you can rescue it – it looks lovely!

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