Brecon Beacons, Badgers and Big kids …

Not much in the way of sewing going on and I think it’s probably because the summer is ending and I am positively pooped!

It’s been a busy few weeks, not only was my boy 16, but my girl turned 18! We celebrated birthdays, exam results and bright futures at the Green Man Festival where I wore my Anna dress with pride (wellies and all) and we paraded/lounged about in the beautiful Brecon Beacons wearing the paper maché masks we made (my personal little shout out for English badgers!).


1174987_607257645993026_2142464029_n 969843_607257709326353_681919102_n

A gloriously happy festival that we’ve been to since the teens were little and always brilliant (except maybe last year when it didn’t stop raining!). It’s almost the end of the summer holidays and a new, exciting chapter for my children who have both (I can’t believe this) left school.

OK, off to start thinking about what to make for Autumn … I know we’ve still got a few weeks of sunshine left (fingers crossed) but it’s very exciting planning projects. I’m thinking cord and wool, or, I could make another Anna (yes please) and just bung on some 40 derniers and a cardi!



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6 responses to “Brecon Beacons, Badgers and Big kids …

  1. Amy

    What amazing masks! Goes well with your Anna. How did you make them? Sounds like you’ve been having a good week!

    • Thank you! I made mine with chicken wire and lots of torn newspaper dipped in a pva glue solution. My daughter used cardboard as a base and built up the shape with scrunched paper and masking tape before adding the paper maché. They are both pretty solid!

  2. I thought there was another member of your group who dressed up? Please add a photograph of them to this post as soon as possible. Or are you ashamed of them?

  3. Great Masks! My eldest turned into a teenager this week, with no ill effects so far – can’t quite believe it.

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