Satisfying sewing and a floppy top …

Not long ago, I found a rather lovely skirt in a charity shop …


Unfortunately, there was no way I could squeeze into it but I absolutely loved the fabric and for £2.99 I had to have it. It’s floppy and silky and the pattern has a real 50s feel to it. Being a UK 6, there wasn’t a great deal to play with, but I knew I could use it along with my comfortable Miz Mozelle left-overs and create myself something new. I do love a bit of upcycling!


I used the one pattern that I know won’t fail me. The pattern I love and have used many times. The pattern that is so versatile you can make an entire wardrobe from it and still never get bored … in fact this is my seventh Sorbetto, that’s one for each day of the week, just like those sets of socks you can buy or those baby bibs only much, much better!

With the small amount of fabric I had to play with, I cut the back in two pieces and put a fake fastening in using a little vintage glass button.


Shush now! No one’s going to notice that wonky stitching … I used a wide bias binding on the neck to tie the whole colour block business together. It’s a nice soft one rather than the stiff versions, so much nicer to work with.

I’ve been making this top as and when I have a minute over the last couple of weeks. Today with the finish line in sight, I put in some sleeves and overlocked the raw edges …

IMG_3370Yep, it had to happen at some point, those pesky knives!

IMG_3371I had to unpick the sleeve, re-cut it and the insert it all over again, but I got there in the end …

IMG_3386I gently gathered the sleeves onto a band  and then tried to look (cough) sultry while Jimmy took a picture or two …

IMG_3372Yes, I am hugging the dress form for a bit of a back view …

And at my sewing desk all tidy (with the guilty overlocker) and ready for the next project.


Phew, I’ve used up some left over scraps and an unloved skirt and with the help of my free Colette pattern I’ve made a top that will get lots of wear, bingo! (After my last post, I probably shouldn’t mention bingo …).


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21 responses to “Satisfying sewing and a floppy top …

  1. It’s such a pretty top, and I love the fact that it was ingeniously made by combining fabrics. It’s so satisfying that when we make do, we can end up with such a beautiful thing!

  2. GinaJ0

    I love what you’ve done here with this fabulous fabric. Where did you get the sleeve pattern for Sorbetto?

  3. This is such a wonderful refashion! And that is one guilty looking over locker 😉

  4. Sam

    I love this top. The way you’ve colour blocked it is fab and the slightly gathered sleeves are really pretty.

  5. Your top is lovely & looks like something bought from Toast. What a genius upcycle. I love the fabric and the colour blocking works really well. I will give the sleeves a go on the Sorbetto.

  6. This is gorgeous! I have so many things from charity chops that I plan to refashion but end up hoarding because I can’t think how to use them. This is a great example of what you can do with a bit of vision though, I love it.

  7. What a great refashion! Your top looks lovely. Argh to the overlocker, but at least there was enough fabric for a new sleeve.

  8. Great material. I love the way you have used it in your top.

  9. This is great, I love the pattern and plain style you’ve got going on, I’d imagine it would take more patience than I have in me! 🙂

  10. This top is gorgeous! I love the faux fastening at the back – it adds a lovely touch of sophistication! Bravo!

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