Dresses to make you smile …

Yesterday we had a brilliant day in the office. We pushed our Macs to one side and replaced them with our sewing machines to make ‘pillowcase dresses‘ for girls living in poverty around the world.


How did this happen? Well, at work a couple of weeks ago, Lauren and I decided to plan a sewing day. We’ve done this once before and although the results were (cough) questionable, we really enjoyed doing something in the office totally unrelated to the norm. I’d seen Louise’s blog, Sew Scrumptious, about her work  as the UK partner to the charity Dress a Girl Around the World and and when I suggested to Lauren that this time we could sew for someone in need, the date was set and there was no stopping us. 

IMG_3405Just as I was wondering what fabric we could use, I found these beauties in a charity shop on my way home from the office. At £5 for 4 sheets and 2 pillowcases I couldn’t believe my good luck. Our supplies increased when Lauren was given a bag of gorgeous fabrics by a generous friend (thank you Fran) and my mother-in-law sent down a parcel of pillowcases too!

Better still, we had a new recruit in the shape of Lauren’s husband John. Keen to learn to sew and patient enough to have a go, he cruised through the day, proving that if you want to do it, you most certainly can!


I’d made a dress the day before (in the top picture) as a little practice run and so knew it was pretty special. Simple, but overwhelmingly effective! After setting up the machines and showing John the basics, unknotting tangled bobbins and testing stitches, we made a start …


IMG_3460 IMG_3459


We added pockets with left over scraps and by lunch time had all made one dress each including a tiny one for an infant.


After lunch there was no stopping us (they really are a quick and addictive make once you get going) and by 4 o’clock we had made nine between us!


We will definitely do this again, we have lots of fabric to use and so another day of office stitching is on the horizon. Not only does doing a little project like this make you feel good, but it’s a great way to spend time with friends. I can’t wait for the next nine to be made!

If you want to have a go, all the details (patterns etc) can be found here, you will love it, I promise!


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8 responses to “Dresses to make you smile …

  1. Love it! Thanks so much for making dresses. Thats fab. x

  2. Gracious me! What a generous and wonderful way to spend a day- your work place is rad!

  3. Lovely dresses and such a lovely thing to do 🙂

  4. Wow. What a great way to get to spend a work day. I only recently discovered your blog, so I apologize if you’ve covered this before – but, where do you work and are you hiring!?! (kidding – sort of.)

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