Retro mash-up dress …

Remember the fabric I dyed? Well, I really fancied making a fitted dress with it. I turned to my old favourite, Simplicity 2444 (I’m very predictable), but this time, I thought a change in shape might be nice so I made a dirndl skirt. Unfortunately it looked freaking awful, an 80s bridesmaid dress for a middle aged woman and my bottom looked like a massive flump, so that was hastily unpicked!

IMG_3428A quick root around my box of vintage sewing patterns and I decided this skirt from Style 2449 might look a bit better  …


Just a little tweaking was required. I didn’t line up the darts as well as maybe they could have been but as I intended to add some sort of belt, it didn’t matter too much (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway!).

IMG_3429The dress sort of evolved as I went along. Looking for some black bias tape in my cupboard I found the petersham ribbon that I’d removed from this skirt and it was perfect for my waistband. I used the tape instead of a facing on the neckline and then added it to the sleeves to to tie the whole look together.

IMG_3488I know I look creased creased up in these pictures, but it was after my day of sewing in the office!



So here it is, a simple little number but one that will get a lot of use I’m sure! There are a couple of things that I didn’t get quite right, the sleeves didn’t set in that well, I have some gathers where there shouldn’t be gathers and everything feels a bit tight at the shoulders. I would also have like to put in a lapped zip but there’s always next time.


Actually, if I’m being honest I think I’ve cut Simplicity 2444 a size too small for me. I am a little bigger than I used to be and I should probably go up a size for more ease, there’s a reason to trace patterns, damn it!

But all is not lost, at least the dress looks nice with my new shoes …








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19 responses to “Retro mash-up dress …

  1. Great job with the dress! I love your shoes too and have been trying to find some similar – care to share where you found them?

  2. Wow, I love this dress!!

  3. Maaike

    I love this dress on you – the style(s), the color, the fit! All the issues you mentioned? I can’t see them. I think you totally rock this dress!

  4. Fab dress! I love the contrast detailing.
    Are they the Clarks brogues? I just bought them too!

  5. I love it! The fabric and the shape of the skirt make it look very 60s I think.

  6. Gorgeous dress, that skirt shape works really well and I absolutely love the black details. Great shoes too.

  7. “A massive flump” I have no idea what a flump is but it made me giggle!
    I really love the contrast waistline, neckline etc on this. Nice job!

  8. This looks fantastic with the elements of black to contrast! Super cute!
    I think size wise it looks fine but it depends on how much ease you like to have.

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