My hardy Laurel …

Say hello to my Colette Laurel dress number 2 …


Squint and ignore those wrinkles, instead focus on the lovely colour and the usefulness of this little number. If I keep my arms down and perhaps forward a little, like I’m about to pick up a small child, those wrinkles aren’t quite so bad, honest. Oh bum boils, I hadn’t noticed them when Jimmy took the photo, but later that night when I was lying on the sofa watching Educating Yorkshire (bloody brilliant), my armpits started to die and it dawned on me that there was something not quite right! 


I think I know what happened. I cut the fabric (as before) in a slightly A line shape but once sewn up it felt a bit shapeless. I debated putting some darts at the front but in the end decided on the easier option (doh) of taking it in at the sides. I may have started too high up and hence have a little less room for my ample (excuse me while I laugh my head off) bosom. I shan’t do that again, that’s for sure.

The fabric is from last years trip to Walthamstow, a very cheap teal crepe and quite a weighty and tough one too (heaven knows what the composition is as it’s a tiny bit scratchy!). The only changes I made were to create that slight A line shape, lengthen the sleeves and add a little bib detail with black binding and a couple of buttons from my stash. I do love this dress despite the “issues”. The versatility of this pattern excites me and I’m tempted to make yet another in denim, patch pockets and all, as I’m sure I’d wear it lots.

Right, off to watch One Man and his Dog with a mug of chestnut soup. Batten down the hatches, there’s a storm brewing!




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13 responses to “My hardy Laurel …

  1. Oh I love this dress, it’s just so chic and wearable. Love the colour, the A line shape and the little bib placket thing, FAB! x

  2. Bec

    this is very cute, looks like it would go with alot of other items 😉

  3. Love the little finishing touches. I’ve decided a need a shift in my life this summer – the problem is which one to pick? I’m leaning towards the retro Simplicity one that came out not long ago – I like the waist and bust dart on that one… but I like a couple of Burda patterns… and a Lisette one… and so it goes on!

  4. Oh goodness, this is cute! There is so much room to tweak with this pattern- where are you going to go next with it? Somewhere epic I bet!

  5. I love this! The A line shape is great on you, and the details are fab. I would wear this all the time.

  6. You look lovely in this dress, but I think you need to get a better photographer. The images look a little blurred.

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