Rag dolls and wrinkles …

photo 1

An old make today … This is Jemima (It’s Strictly nowadays but in the seventies Play School ruled the roost!) . She’s as old as me and seems to be suffering very similar signs of ageing, you know, saggy neck, age spots and severe lack of bubbles at bath time. Aw, we shared many a happy day together from the age of 0 to 12 (I grew up on an island and the hormones were late to kick in). Suffice to say Jemima has been living on my daughter’s bedroom shelf for the last 18 years and whilst trying to find the cause of a musty smell last week, I stumbled upon my old friend, slumped on a shelf, against the damp chimney breast (old houses are money pits), hence the bath.

My Lovely Mum made Jemima for me in the early seventies. She had her own wardrobe of sweet floral frocks and even a ballet dress with matching velvet ballet shoes. When My Girl arrived, twenty five years later, she made Jemima no.2, a gorgeous red head …

IMG_3637You’ll be relieved to know that although the age spots remain, they are both fresh and clean once again which is more than can be said for the bedroom they came from! What’s more they have their freshly laundered clothes back on too, phew!

photo Does anyone make rag dolls any more? Seems such a lovely gift for little ones and you get to use up scraps of fabric. I don’t think I made a doll when my kids were little, but I did make them Black Cat …

photo 3 … who also benefited from a bath!







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