My slightly late Christmas frock …

I have made a dress for christmas … ok, I missed the deadline but it’s all finished now!


For ages I’ve had a yearning to make a dress from Blackwatch tartan and Christmas was the perfect excuse to indulge in my little fantasy. For the pattern, I couldn’t decide between the Simplicity 2444 or By Hand London’s Elisalex. Seriously, it took me ages to choose but in the end and at the risk of looking like Barbara Woodhouse, I went all traditional, saving the Elisalex for my crazy curtain fabric. I know I’ve made too many of these already but I did line this one …

IMG_3865In fact this is my 6th 2444, but I couldn’t resist one more in tartan. This Blackwatch is from ebay and is a viscose and polyester mix. At £4 per metre, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was great, lovely to sew and paired with the green anti static lining (also ebay), it worked a treat. I’ve never lined a dress before, so this was a bit of a learning curve, but it was worth the effort and it feels quite lovely when it’s on.

This was a ‘sew as and when’ kind of dress as the lead up to Christmas was hectic. I felt frustrated at times that I couldn’t get lost in it but then realised that it didn’t matter if it wasn’t finished and just saw it as the relaxing distraction it should’ve been all along.

IMG_3851This morning, with my lovely family off and away and some time on my own, I finished the hand-stitching (quite a lot in a lined bodice I discovered!) and hemmed it. Christmas may be over but I reckon I’ll wear this a lot throughout the winter.

Right, off to watch the final episode of Death Comes To Pemberley in front of the log fire with my boys and girl, a truck load of chocolate and a G&T. Happy Christmas to you all (as late as the dress) and a Happy New Year!


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20 responses to “My slightly late Christmas frock …

  1. Your dress is beautiful. I love the small checks on the tartan, and the lining is fab, and it goes really well with your belt. I’m a big copy cat, and stole this idea when you mentioned it before. I cut mine out yesterday, but my tartan has much bigger checks so we won’t be like twins! I hope mine turns out a nice as yours.

  2. Looks just lovely, this pattern really suits you. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year x

  3. Beautiful dress and beautiful job. Loving the tartan plaid.

  4. Gorgeous, love everything about it!

  5. A pretty winter dress & so wearable. “Death Comes to Pemberley” was brilliant. I loved the costumes too.

    • Oh weren’t the costumes gorgeous. I loved the way they used the fabric colours against a backdrop of similar coloured wallpaper, just heavenly! You’ve been making some lovely clothes, your jacket is especially fab!

  6. Sam

    What a fab dress, you’ll get lots of wear out of it over the winter. I need to catch Death Comes to Pemberley on iplayer.

  7. Amy

    This dress pattern is made for plaid I think as its darts don’t obviously skew the checks. Enjoy Pemberley and g&ts… sounds like a wonderful day

  8. I love this! perfect for Christmas and the lining looks so great!

  9. I would live in this dress if I had one. It’s fantastic. I love the tartan. And, the style is perfect for any occasion.

  10. Every time I see another one of your 2444’s I think to myself I must get round to buying this pattern. Your choice of tartan fabric is inspired.

  11. Gosh that is gorgeous! I LOVE the fabric, so elegant 🙂

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