Vintage pink …

Another little Simplicity 2451 to show you, this time in some pink wool from a Summertown charity shop …

IMG_3432There was only about a metre of this fabric, but a treasured find all the same. It came in a polythene bag along with it’s matching lining and I didn’t dare open it until I got home. No moth holes or marks and good as new (apart from the slight “I’ve been hiding in a cupboard for many years” smell that vanished with it’s first hand wash). I wonder who originally bought this and what they’d planned to do with it.

IMG_3724Having already made this pattern up once, I felt quite confident that this would work for me. It sewed up in an afternoon, a couple of weeks before Christmas and I’m happy to say, it s a much better fit than its denim counterpart.

IMG_3725The lining went in a treat (I’m top-stitching the waistband here in case you are wondering!) but honestly, I do need to practice “finishing” it with a little more sophistication, I’m hoping that will come in time … Will it come in time? If anyone has any tips I’d be forever grateful. It’s the hand stitching bit that I find tricky, you know, around the zip? My Lovely Mum who is very clever with this sewing lark assured me that as only I see the inside, I mustn’t worry but I want it to be perfect! I can’t show you the lining round the zip … it’s shameful!

IMG_3726Anyway, my girl cleared out her bedroom a little while ago and found this in her now obsolete GCSE textiles box, 4p, reduced from 9p, now that’s a bargain! I do like the way it finishes off an edge. I took the photo below at work when no one was looking. I was secretly admiring my new skirt and thinking how well it went with the Christmas box of Quality Street when I should have been correcting a Chinese journal (yes in Chinese … you see why I was so easily distracted). I pretended I was checking my phone for texts but actually I was doing a selfie of my lovely hem!

IMG_3727Photographing this skirt proved to be a little difficult (pink is tricky), so please forgive the photo below. It looks nice with a chunky jumper but you wouldn’t see the waist so you get it with a boring black top I’m afraid.

IMG_3862I’ve really enjoyed sewing up this pattern, I know it’s crazily addictive but on the plus side this may encourage the using up of leftovers. There will be more I’m sure and having recently spied Karen’s Double Polka Dot Whammy I am totally inspired to rip-off try something similar. Just look at that gorgeous application of lining, I’m green with envy! I can feel a trip to Walthamstow fast approaching (if there’s any polka dot lining left of course)!



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23 responses to “Vintage pink …

  1. That is STUNNING! Absolutely love it.

  2. what a great fabric find, and the skirt looks super… I can see why you would need to to take a quick break to admire that hem during the day, it looks so neat!

  3. Amy

    Are you kidding? That looks like it photographed BRILLIANTLY! Its gorgeous

  4. That’s a knockout! I’ve got brilliant green wool crepe from the op shop ($2) and I can’t decide between this or Sinbad & Sailor skirt!

  5. Lori

    For a fantastic finish on a skirt zip try Sewaholic’s Crescent Skirt sewalong; truly brilliant! I wish you would put more in your posts about your surrounding area… I live in Abingdon and work at Cherwell school, having only lived in this area for 2 years would love to know about sewing haunts in the area.

    • Hello Lori, thank you I will take a look at that. I wish there were sewing haunts in the area, I’d love to know them too! I tend to scour the charity shops but this is getting harder, the Summertown ones are good though. In Oxford there is Darn it and Stitch (Blue Boar Street) which has a small selection of fabrics and lovely haberdashery, they run workshops too. Last years trips to Goldhawk Road and Walthamstow market kept me going for a bit, I need to go back now though! I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.

      • Lori Owen

        Do you know there are a couple of fabric shops in Abingdon? Masons stock apparel fabric and they have another shop across the town which does homeware fabrics and wool. Next door to the apperal fabric shop they do crafts and ribbons. Worth a bus or car ride over.

  6. Such a pretty color! What a find! Your skirt turned out beautiful!

  7. This is gorgeous! What a find on the fabric! Also, I love the selfie of the hem (which looks fab).

  8. What a find! You really did it justice too. Who cares about the inside when the outside looks so good?

  9. What a great make – love the colour (and the lining!!)

  10. Another tempting version of this skirt! I love it too and can’t believe I have only made it once – it’s the babe of the skirt pattern world. And it uses such a modest amount of fabric, even better. Love your colour choice too, hot quality street pink !

  11. Love that pink. Your make looks really flattering on you. I really like this pattern in a block colour. I made this in a print (as yet unblogged) but need to revisit this in a plain fabric as it really shows off the yoke and lovely pleats.

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