Consuming not creating …

I have given up on my laptop, he has been sitting unused and alone in the kitchen for two weeks now and is slowly morphing into a coaster. He’ll be a chopping board soon if I don’t rescue him. I feel ashamed to say that I have given up on him, the pulsating green light of his battery life is fading and my interest in him is waning. I haven’t written a blog for ages because it just seems cruel to put me him through the frustrating agony of attempting to do anything at all with the old codger.

I now have an ipad. I don’t want to seem ungrateful … (deep breath) but, does anyone else get in a pickle publishing posts? Am I the only one who can read blogs no problem, but try and leave a comment, things go a little (ahem) weird? A little research has shown that it can be done with a vast amount of apps and patience but for heavens sake, I’m a simple kind of gal and anything involving my brain having to think outside the box (computer wise that is) well, I’m as low wattage as they come. I almost miss my comatose laptop, I feel robbed.

Don’t worry. I have discovered that at certain times of the day, the much used family mac is free for my use and do you know, it’s amazing! Faster than a trolly sweep in a vintage fabric shop (ok maybe not that fast), it makes a nice change to write whilst sitting in a chair rather than lounging on the bed and then forgetting that there’s tea to cook and falling asleep with the charger burning a hole in the duvet.

So it’s not all bad. Participation and commenting should soon resume! In the meantime, I have discovered there is some truth in the saying that the ipad is for consuming not creating …

imageI’m very naughty, sorry.



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5 responses to “Consuming not creating …

  1. Oh my lord where is the bird print from?? Still available?

  2. Oh, I hear you loud and clear! I have a Samsung tablet thingy, and it’s great (I’m typing this on it!); but it hates blogger. Which is a shame because I use blogger for my blog. It stubbornly refuses to log into blogger, so I can’t use it to do my blog, or comment on a blogger blog. It’s all very trying, and means I have to use the “big” computer. I have googled how to fix it, but as I’m not very technical, my brain just goes zzzz…

    On the other hand, I would all over a trolley sweep in a vintage fabric shop!! 😉

  3. yes I find it frustrating to comment or blog using the ipad. haha first time I’m hearing that the ipad is for consuming not creating, but so true 🙂

  4. Ooh that bird print is lovely! I haven’t used an iPad but it’s taken me ages to work out commenting using bloglovin on my phone!

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