Nose blowing for fabric lovers …

There are lots of things that make my heart skip a beat. Loved ones aside, this mainly involves sea views, parma violets, charity shop treasure finds and babies (hormones are cruel at my age). Vintage patterns are a major heart racer (pant pant pant) and also of course, vintage fabrics … Excuse me while I momentarily day dream and stare open mouthed at an imaginary pile of precious fabrics right here beside me.

Wake up! If like me you love vintage fabrics, their colours, their patterns and their general vintagey vintageness, then you will love this book.

photo 1The Printed Square by Nicky Albrechtsen (Thames and Hudson) (£14.95) is basically a handkerchief sized book of vintage handkerchiefs in all their beautiful, colourful (and clean) glory! I’m not reviewing it (in case you were wondering), but I thought I would spread the word of its loveliness around a bit.

photo 3Just for inspiration it’s a gem, but if you ever need a little help in deciding which colours work well together then this is a great reference book.

photo 4photo 2photo Don’t you just wish you could get handkerchiefs like this nowadays? Actually, sod the hankies, just to buy metres of fabric like this would make my heart explode!

Now for vintage patterns of the other kind, I have just spotted Marie’s Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge over at Sewing Odyssey. I’m probably the last to join in (as always) but it’s a great idea and just what I need to get me sewing up my stash, so  …

During 2014, I, Amy of Sylkotwist, will try (very hard) to sew up at least three of my vintage patterns.

IMG_3435There, I’ve made my pledge, now I just have to decide what to make … Bye for now!




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7 responses to “Nose blowing for fabric lovers …

  1. I had to hop on over and and join you and A Stitching Odyssey! I guess I missed that one as well. 🙂 I love vintage handkerchiefs… but they are not as easy to find as they used to be.

  2. What a lovely book!! And great thinking as a source of vintagey inspiration. Hoorah that you’re joining the pledge!!

  3. That’s exactly the sort of book I LOVE! I just like the whole concept of hankies anyway, and the fact that they’re gorgeous vintage ones is just a plus. Hoorah that you’ve taken the vintage pledge too. X

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