Good Golly Miss Dolly …

Just when I thought the show was over, I managed to squeeze in a dress in honour of Roisin and Sew Dolly Clackett!

I woke up on Easter Sunday to discover that everyone else had plans, what luck! I could lock myself in my sewing room, get lost in Hancock’s Half Hour and the Seventh Dimension on Radio 4 Extra, eat chocolate, drink tea and make a dress, wow!

photo 2For me there was really only one pattern to use, it’s the one I was wearing the day I met Roisin at the London Meet-Up last year and this is my seventh (yes sorry about that) incarnation. After eye-balling each other at the tube station on our way, (to be fair she was probably thinking ‘why the hell is that weirdo staring at me’)  she delivered the infamous one liner … “Is that a Simplicity 2444?”. Say no more, I liked her and this was the pattern to use.

My fabric choice was decided by the zip and thread that I had to hand, but actually after worrying (again) about cutting into my vintage treasure, I’m happy to have used this. It’s a 1970s Sanderson medium weight upholstery cotton (Renishaw) and I found it in Oxfam a couple of months ago (£4!!). Red, pink and orange together, oh my goodness, I LOVE it!

photo 3I used some orange poly cotton picked up at the London swap for the pockets and it just felt like this dress was meant to be.

photo 4Pattern matching was a bit very tricky. It wasn’t too bad on the side seams and the front bodice was pretty symmetrical too, in fact I spent quite a bit of time getting that right. It’s a shame I didn’t pay as much attention to the back though as I completely cocked up here …

IMG_4219Oh my goodness, when I realised how ‘off’ I was, I almost cried! Nothing left to rectify it with and that responsibility of using rare bit of fabric was all a bit much. A barrage of expletives followed by another bar of Galaxy sort of helped but then I remembered reading that Roisin swears by a) the fact that if you’re wearing it you can’t see it and b) a nice cropped cardi solves a multitude of sins (so damn wise) and this made me feel a whole lot better!

I hand stitched the hem whilst watching Country File (it should have been Alan Partridge I know, but I didn’t think about it until it was too late). A new dress made, an entire Easter egg set (egg plus two bars) devoured and a bath taken, all in time for Fargo (I’m not sure I like it as much as the film in my humble opinion, but hey ho), a perfect day!

Right here follows lots of Dolly inspired photos … I’m afraid that the front door is straight onto the road and I’m not keen on being looked at, so the back door it was …

IMG_4185IMG_4189IMG_4198Yes, I’m very pleased with the pockets … And, Oh my goodness, I have my matching satchel!


IMG_4213IMG_4207The back’s not so bad I suppose …

IMG_4194IMG_4190Don’t ask about the dog …

IMG_4201All in all, I’m so pleased I made this dress. I’ve always loved this Simplicity pattern and making it with such a gem of a charity shop find makes it all the more special. If I hadn’t taken part in this contest the fabric would have eventually become a couple of scatter cushions or worse still stayed hidden in a drawer for another forty years. This is much more fun!

Have a wonderful wedding Roisin and Nick, wishing you lots of happiness, a lifetime of funky frocks and an endless supply of classic sit coms! x








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16 responses to “Good Golly Miss Dolly …

  1. Reading the start of your post, I thought it was me talking! Sewing, Hancock and tea is a great combination! Love the dress too!

  2. Aw it’s lovely, probably my favourite of your many Simplicity 2444’s! Looks great with the satchel and shoes too. x

  3. Wow. I love it. And I agree about Fargo…there’s something about Martin Freeman that’s just innately English!! Btw…I really need the address of this Oxfam you go to! They seem to be knee-deep in gorgeous fabric!

  4. By Timothy! Another Radio 4xtra listener, I’ve been sewing to Paul Temple btw.
    Lovely dress fabulous colour combinations, and the back is fine, as my old friend used to say, ‘a man on a galloping horse won’t notice.’ Great job.

  5. A perfect tribute to Roisin! The colour is great on you and the fit is spot on! I know Roisin is not all that bothered by pattern matching and to be honest I don’t think anyone should be when the dress looks that good, great job!

  6. Flisstee

    Love that colour combo and very much a Dolly Clackett tribute. I also need yo know where your oxfam is !

  7. “Is that a Simplicity 2444 or are you just happy to see me?”

  8. Simplicity 2444 is a marvelous pattern and your dress is no exception. The fabric looks awesome made into a dress.

  9. Your dress turned out fabulously! Honestly, it’s only in the close-up photo that you see the pattern not quick matching up! How cool that you’ve met Roisin! All righty then…nice to meet you…you had me at loving polka dots, bird prints, and gingham! Kindred spirits are we!

  10. That sounds like a perfect way to spend a Sunday! I love your dress, that 70s fabric is right up my street. Don’t worry about the back, I’m in total agreement with Roisin’s philosophy, and swear by it myself. There’s no need to apologise for making seven S2444s. You and I both know this is pattern nirvana, and I feel like a light-weight because I’ve only made three and a half of them!

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